What is a Psychic Reading?

In a Psychic Reading, The Practitioner understands information about the person being read through the use of one or more psychic tools.

The Tarot Card Reading

The person being read selects a stated number of cards from a deck that has been shuffled and spread out across the reading surface.  The energy of the subject should interact with the energy of the cards to assist in the selection.

The Reader lays out the cards and provides an interpretation.  The interpretation shows something important happening in the present, or a condition that exists in the present, something that may have led to the present situation, and something that is likely to occur in the future, if current conditions remain as they are.

The term “if” was used for a specific reason.

 First-TheSubject is not living in a vacuum.  Others may decide to act differently than they are currently acting.

Second-The subject may take action to change the situation, once he or she has been made aware of it. 

The psychic Practitioner 
may recommend some actions that may encourage, or discourage, the conditions indicated by the cards.

Sometimes the future situation is time-bound, meaning that the events or conditions are expected to manifest in a certain timeframe.

The events that may occur in the future are not all desirable.  Sometimes they are caused by our own human traits.  The experienced psychic reader has experience with almost every aspect of the human condition and frequently can provide advice or specific actions to take to mitigate the undesirable future event or conditions.

One other thing to consider about a psychic reading is this:  since the reading is based largely on the subject’s energy, the current state of mind of the subject does affect the reading. 

This affect makes sense when you consider how much a person’s state of mind can affect his or her behavior. 
 A subject in the middle of an unfortunate situation will probably show that the situation will continue to affect the future, at least in the near term.

The Psychic Practitioner 
Will be able to provide some techniques to use to achieve a more balanced state. 
Being in a state of balance can then  be used more effectively to deal with the negative situation.

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