About Me

About Me


I consider myself an intuitive with over twenty-five years experience. I ave been licensed in the city of Fremont, CA since 1991. I have been providing my clients with modern practical techniques to achieve a Spiritual Mindset Restoring focus and balance through personalized treatments depending upon clients specific requests and needs. We're now living in a world that is shifting to a new level of consciousness which is why spiritual information has become so much more mainstream. 

We are co-creators to be empowered and evolve.

What is a Psychic Reading?

In a psychic reading, the practitioner understands information about the person being read through the use of one or more psychic tools.

The Psychic Practitioner may recommend some actions that may encourage, or discourage, the conditions indicated by the cards. Sometimes the future situation is time-bound, meaning that the events or conditions are expected to manifest in a certain timeframe. The events that may occur in the future are not all desirable. Sometimes they are caused by our own human traits. The psychic can provide specific actions to take to mitigate the undesirable future event or conditions.

One other thing to consider about a Psychic Reading is this:

Since the reading is based largely on the subject’s energy and the current state of mind of the subject does affect the Reading. This affect makes sense when you consider how much a person’s state of mind can affect his or her behavior. The psychic practitioner will be able to provide some techniques to use to achieve a more balanced state. 

Being in a state of balance can then be used more effectively to Create the life you want!


"Manifestation" means defining your desires and using your thoughts to achieve those desires. Before you can manifest your desires, you have to know what you want. If you don't know what you truly want, you may spend most of your time just reacting to what happens in your life, rather than influencing it yourself. When you spend your life reacting, you might begin to feel like a victim. 

Knowing what you don't want is not the same as knowing what you do want. You must be able to define exactly what you want, and define it very clearly. One what to know what you want is to think about how you react to events that occur in your life. 

Think about what you want in your life without thinking about any barriers. Once you know what you want, you can think about how to remove barriers. 

Maybe you want more than one thing. If you do want more than one thing, you can decide what is most important, next most important, etc. You will then know what to focus on and to spend time on. Why spend time on something that isn't important, when it means that you can't spend that time on what is important? Time is one thing that you can never recover. When you know what you want, you are more able to see opportunities you otherwise would not have noticed. When you feel in charge of your life, you feel more empowered to pursue the opportunities that you see. 

Here is where manifestation and balanced chakras intersect. If your chakras are balanced, you can use your intellect, communication ability, and "gut feelings" to select opportunities to pursue. With your communication ability, you will know how to talk to the people you need to talk to in order to manifest the desire that this opportunity provides. You will also know which ones just "don't feel right" and can trust yourself to walk away from those. Your communication ability will allow you to walk away without "burning bridges." These same people may provide another opportunity in the future that is perfect for you. 

One other thing to remember is that what you want will continue to change as your life progresses. Use these same techniques throughout your life to allow you to be in control of it. 

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